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Reduce sugar level in blood

A supplement for diabetic

Strengthen kidney and stimulate liver cells

Strengthen blood vessels’ endurance

Increase the speed of protein growth

Promote the pliancy and penetrating power of very small blood vessels

Lower blood viscosity, to improve blood circulation

Anti-oxidant, anti aging, and to remove free radicals

Promote body immunity

Prevent tumor/cancer

Prevent gray hair

Reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL) of body

Provides herbal support to health

Protects you from stress and fatigue

Improves oxygen uptake in low oxygen environment

Helps in good vision

Acts as blood purifier

Helps in prevention of wrinkles

Activates metabolism, prevents fat accumulation and eliminates toxic substance from the body.

Who is Tiens Cell Rejuvenation Capsules suitable for?

People prone to hypertension, heart diseases and thrombus formation

People with sedentary lifestyle

People with stress and fatigue

People conscious about health.


Children between 10-12 years - 1 capsule every 2-nd day Children between 12-14 years - 1 capsule daily Adults: The first three days, one capsule daily. After that, for one week: 2 x 1 capsule daily or 2 capsules at once. Starting next week: 2-3 x 2 capsules daily (2-0-2 or 3-0-3 a day).

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Cell Rejuvenation


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